Bill Russo to Speak at CACS 2023 - Automobility
Creating the Future of Mobility
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Bill Russo to Speak at CACS 2023

China Auto Chongqing Summit 2023

Shaping the Future of An Industry in Transition

June 8-9, 2023

Chongqing Yuelai International Convention Center

This year’s summit brings together leaders from across the auto sector in China. Bill Russo will be speaking on the afternoon session on Day 2 of the summit.

Panel Discussion Topic and Speakers

The Resilience of the Supply Chain and Reshaping of the Industrial Ecology

It has become an important task for the automotive industry to build a new supply chain system, which is safe, controllable, more resilient, sustainable, integrated and coordinated. China’s super-large-scale automobile market objectively requires us to reshape the pattern of automobile supply chain.

  • Chain protection and stability project: Where are the stuck points, breakpoints and blocking points of China’s automobile supply chain? What is the short-term strategy and long-term strategy?
  • Strong chain complementary action: new opportunities for supply chain enterprises, how can Chinese enterprises find the right position and send out China’s strength in the process of reshaping the global industrial chain?
  • Under the trend that the software influence auto manufacturing deeply, the change of software and hardware supplier mode of automobile manufacturers.
  • How does the change of the industry affect the traditional spare parts enterprises? How to turn around magnificently?
  • Strategic competition for key mineral resources and supply chains on a global scale and our reflections.
  • How can government and industry play a constructive role in this process of transformation and integration?




  • 保链稳链工程:中国汽车供应链卡点、断点和堵点在哪里?短期策略和长期策略?
  • 强链补链行动:供应链企业面临的新机遇,中国企业如何在全球产业链重塑的过程中找准定位、发出中国力量?
  • 在“软件定义汽车”趋势下,车企的软硬件供应商模式之变;
  • 行业的变局,如何影响传统零部件企业?怎样华丽转身?
  • 全球范围内对关键矿产资源及供应链的战略竞争及我们的反思;
  • 政府和行业如何在这个转变和整合过程中发挥建设性作用?


  • Xueliang Yang, Senior Vice President of Geely Holding Group
  • Yunran Chen, Deputy General Manager, iSOFT Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd.


  • Li Feng, Vice President of Xiaopeng Automotive
  • Wu Qizhou, President of Hubei Henglong Enterprise Group
  • Wu Zhen, President, Magna China
  • Bill Russo, Founder and CEO of Automobility
Panel moderator is Dr. Xiaozhi Liu, founder of ASL



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