Bill Russo to Speak on US Industrial Policy for Mobility - Automobility
Creating the Future of Mobility
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Bill Russo to Speak on US Industrial Policy for Mobility

Mobility Tech Salon: Conversations at Bonny Doon

THURSDAY, MAY 2, 2024 (8:30 AM – 8:30 PM) (UTC-07:00 PDT)


Automobility Ltd will be sponsoring, and Bill Russo will be speaking (virtually) at, the upcoming Mobility Tech Salon: Conversations at Bonny Doon event, hosted by Doon Insights.

You can register using the QR code:



1.   Debate: Is US Industrial Policy Working for Mobility?**
  • Bill Russo, Automobility Ltd. (it’s not working)
  • Justin Savage, Sidley (it’s working)


2.     Why Has Electrification Stalled in the US (or has it)?
  • Tony Cannestra, Denso
  • Jeff Peters, Ibex Investors
  • Prescott Watson, RedBlue Capital

a. EV Sales are slowing

b. Analysis of the impact of different strategies in electrification (BEV vs. Hybrid vs. hydrogen)

c. The Cost of EVs

d. The Problem of Charging Networks

e. Have politics and the culture wars come to EVs?


3.     The State of Drone Commercialization
  • Alexandra Blake, Elroy Air
  • Brian Flynn, Diamond Stream Ventures
  • Darren Liccardo, Catapult Ventures


          a. Consequences of BVLOS Technology
          b. Air Traffic for drones
          c. Where have drones made the biggest impact?
          d. Will we ever get a commercial communication network to monitor and control drones?
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