Bill Russo to Speak on The Race to a Sustainable Future - Automobility
Creating the Future of Mobility
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Bill Russo to Speak on The Race to a Sustainable Future

BNP Paribas 2nd Annual Global Electric Vehicle and Mobility Conference

May 6-7, 2024

JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong

Automobility Ltd Founder and CEO Bill Russo will be delivering a keynote speech at this investor conference.  Bill is coauthor of the book “Selling to China; Stories of Success, Failure and Constant Change”, in which he  contributed the chapter titled China’s Auto Industry: The Race to a Sustainable Future.

You can register for the conference using the QR code:


Founder & CEO, Automobility Ltd

Bill is the Shanghai-based Founder and CEO of Automobility Limited, a strategy and investment advisory firm helping its clients to build and profit from the future of mobility. He has more than 40 years of industry experience including 15 years with Chrysler and 20 years in China and Asia. He has advised numerous multinational and local Chinese firms in the formulation and implementation of global market and product strategies. Bill was previously the regional head of Chrysler in Northeast Asia, where he successfully negotiated agreements with partners and obtained approvals from the China government to bring six new vehicle programs to the market in a three-year period, while concurrently establishing an infrastructure for local sourcing and sales distribution.

In his current role, Bill advises start-ups, corporations, and investors on how to maximize their participation in China’s Smart Mobility Revolution. To achieve success, he believes they must expand their focus from the product (the automobile) to the utility derived from the product (“automobility”) and create a business model and digital ecosystem optimized to provide digitally enabled solutions for both car owners and mobility services users. As such, he is a highly sought after opinion leader on the development of the China market and the automotive industry.

Bill is also a Board Director for AGP Group, one of the world’s leading automotive glazing suppliers, and the Chairman of the Automotive Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. He was a contributing author to the book Selling to China: Stories of Success, Failure, and Constant Change (2023), in which he describes how China has become the most commercially innovative place to do business in the world’s auto industry – and why those hoping to compete globally must continue to be in the market. Bill has a BSc. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University, New York, and a MSc. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

About the Book Selling to China:

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