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Bill Russo to Speak at Mobility Tech 5D Event

On April 20 Doon Insights will host a salon event near Santa Cruz, CA titled “Mobility Tech in 5D.” This event brings together leaders responsible for investing and commercializing next generation auto and mobility technology.

One of the sessions at this mobility salon will be on an overarching subject for the industry and of our time: “The Geopolitics of Mobility“.  Automobility Founder & CEO Bill Russo will speak alongside other leading experts on the subject.

The auto industry faces more challenges than most. Beyond the drive for electrification, western OEMs must grapple with how to navigate the rising frictions between China, their biggest market and supplier, and the West. The new US Inflation Reduction Act and other industrial policy measures will certainly bring more manufacturing back to the US but means companies are caught between the conflicting pulls of their strong ties with China, and pressures to relocate back to the US. At the same time, the end of China’s zero-Covid policy and the rise of Chinese EV manufacturers and exports (in 2022 China surpassed Germany as the world’s second largest exporter of cars) means that western OEMs now have another wave of major new competitors in their backyards. And despite the new US industrial policies, China will continue to be the world’s dominant supplier of batteries (whether from China or from new factories elsewhere) for a long time.

How will/should western OEMs and suppliers pick their way thru this complicated landscape? What are the choices and strategies available to them?

The discussion leaders for this session will be:

Bill Russo, Automobility Limited
Scott Kennedy, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Jason Wortendyke, Citigroup

This is an in-person event and seating will be limited to 40 persons. To learn more about the event and register, enter the website by clicking on the link below. The Username is “friend” and the PW is “1818”.

Here is a link to the registration site, please enter the website address in your browser:



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