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Report from the China Mobility Market [VIDEO]

Bill Russo spoke live (via Zoom) at the Auto | Mobility Tech 7 event hosted by Doon Insights on November 17, 2021.


Topics Bill discussed included:

1, What are the key differences between the US and China auto/mobility markets?

2. You often say Chinese Smart EV manufacturers are infused with digital DNA, perhaps more than say the legacy OEMs are.  What do you mean by that?

3. Did anything happen at COP26, in particular any positions that China took, that might affect the trajectory of China’s mobility markets?

4. At the beginning of Covid there was a lot of talk about reducing reliance on the China supply chain, but now a year and a half later we find that China’s exports have actually increased.  Are people diversifying their supply chains out of China or not?

5. The geopolitical tensions between China and the US have obviously impacted business and trade in many ways, with an effort to decouple the two economies.  But the auto industry looks like one example of how impossible a broad based decoupling is.  China has given extra special treatment to Tesla domestically.  Nevertheless, it appears that the two markets are pulling apart in some areas, such as AI, semiconductors, and other areas relevant for mobility.  What are the prospects for foreign mobility industry companies, large and small, to make headway in the China market?

6. The draconian travel restrictions for going into China have also made market entry into China much more difficult.  What should be the best strategies for western auto/mobility tech companies to address the China opportunity?

You may copy and paste below link to your browser to watch the full video:



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