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Asia Matters: Why China Is Winning the EV Race [PODCAST]

Media Source : Asia Matters

Bill Russo, the Founder and CEO of Automobility Ltd, recently joined the Asia Matters Podcast, which was moderated by Andrew Peaple from The Wire China. During the podcast, both Bill Russo and Tu Le from Sino Auto Insights shared their perspectives on the topic of Why China Is Winning the EV Race.

The extraordinary rise of China’s electric vehicle market is one of the most remarkable business stories of our times. In just over a decade, the country has come to account for over half of global EV sales, and is now home to some of the world’s biggest EV makers. One of them, BYD, recently overtook Tesla as the world ‘s largest EV producer. How has this happened? What’s been the response in other countries? And where next for electric vehicles, as the way we buy, run and use our cars un…



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