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Arbe Empowers HiRain’s 4D Radar Systems for Mass Production

Arbe Robotics, a pioneer in Perception Radar Solutions, has unveiled a collaboration with HiRain Technologies, a leading provider of intelligent driving solutions in China. HiRain announces plans to initiate mass production of cutting-edge 4D Imaging Radars by the end of 2024, following the successful development of a high-performance B-sample, marking a crucial milestone in this transformative journey.

In a strategic move towards automotive innovation, HiRain is poised to undertake an extensive data collection phase, covering 1 million kilometers using a fleet equipped with LRR610 Imaging Radars, powered by Arbe’s advanced chipset. This development initiative aims to optimize the fusion and perception system, unlocking key features for enhanced automotive safety and comfort.

Chengjian Fan, EVP and CTO of HiRain, expressed confidence in the transformative impact of HiRain’s LRR610 4D Imaging Radar, powered by Arbe’s cutting-edge chipset, stating, “Our commitment to shaping the future echoes in every kilometer covered, paving the way for a new era of intelligent driving. Together, HiRain and Arbe are advancing innovation, ensuring ‘True Imaging’ radar excellence.”

Kobi Marenko, CEO of Arbe, emphasized the shared commitment to automotive safety transformation, saying, “HiRain’s progress towards mass production in 2024, in collaboration with Arbe, reinforces our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable technology. The anticipated demand for HiRain’s 4D Imaging Radar systems is a testament to the industry’s recognition of our groundbreaking contributions.”

Leveraging Arbe’s chipset with an extensive channel array of 48 transmitting (Tx) and 48 receiving (Rx) channels, HiRain’s LRR610 promises ultra-high-resolution in both azimuth and elevation. This results in a dense point cloud, delivering exceptional imaging capabilities, earning the radar the distinguished title of a “True Imaging” radar.

This collaboration signifies a significant stride towards revolutionizing autonomy and safety in the automotive industry, promising a new era of intelligent driving.

Automobility Ltd is proud that EXCELerate portfolio company Arbe has entered a strategic cooperation with HiRain to develop and commercialize 4D imaging radar solution for autonomous driving in China.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like further information on this startup or to learn more about other Auto & Mobility investment opportunities from our EXCELerate opportunity pipeline.

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