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Kardome and Panasonic to Enhance In-Car Voice Experience

Kardome Mobility parternering with Panasonic Automotive Systems Co. of America have unveiled an integration set to transform in-car voice experiences.

Kardome Mobility’s Spatial Hearing technology, celebrated for its ability to pinpoint voices and locations within a vehicle, has seamlessly merged with Panasonic Automotive’s SkipGen2 In-Vehicle Infotainment System. This pioneering integration allows for unparalleled in-car voice interaction.
The unique capabilities of Kardome Mobility’s Spatial Hearing technology include the individual capture of up to six voices across three rows using a single overhead cabin mic array. It not only isolates desired speech but also accurately identifies speakers’ locations, ensuring effective communication with the infotainment system’s voice assistant while reducing crosstalk interference. Remarkably, these advancements come with a reduced bill of material costs.
Moreover, Kardome Mobility provides Voice Biometrics and customized Wake Word models, enhancing the overall functionality of Panasonic Automotive’s SkipGen, the first in-vehicle infotainment system offering wake word access to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa.
“This integration with Kardome Mobility further enhances our commitment to providing customers with a seamless in-vehicle voice interaction experience,” stated Andrew Poliak, CTO of Panasonic Automotive. “Our collaboration aims to elevate the voice experience with the SkipGen2 Infotainment system.”
Dani Cherkassky, CEO of Kardome, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our technology, integrated into the SkipGen2 Infotainment System, promises passengers an accurate, personalized voice interaction experience. This collaboration will revolutionize the in-vehicle voice experience.”
Automobility Ltd is proud that its EXCELerate portfolio company Kardome’s partnership with Panasonic marks a pivotal moment for in-car technology, showcasing a leap forward in personalized and interference-free voice interaction within vehicles.

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