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Automobility EXCELerate Pipeline – Edition #46

We are very pleased to share the 46th Edition of Automobility’s EXCELerate pipeline. As always, we are continually scanning the global mobility technology landscape to curate excellent investment opportunities that we believe offer differentiated solutions which fit our “Internet of Mobility” (IoM) and Energy Transition theses.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] for further information on any listed startup to learn more about these or other investment opportunities we are curating.

Recent Pipeline News, Publications and Media Mentions

We are pleased to share the significant progress being made by several of our EXCELerate portfolio companies since our last update.

This and other recent news highlighting the milestones achieved by companies in our EXCELerate pipeline:

Featured in EXCELerate Pipeline 46

This 46th edition features 38 companies on our EXCELerate “Menu”, of which 10 are part of our Energy Transition portfolio. These companies have met our evaluation criteria which ranks each startup across a range of metrics. The charts below show the regional and IoM stack coverage of these startups.

3 startup has been upgraded to our “qualified list” of startups of interest:

  • FLUX is a US-based luxury brand that will take us back to the electric future
  • SHADE is a provider of nanomaterials for improving accuracy of image sensing
  • SOLID is a developer of solid-state battery technology, providing solutions for the design and manufacturing of all-solid-state Li-ion battery

Also, 3 startups have been added to our “long list” since our last update:

  • RENEW is a Singapore-based lithium battery recycling solution provider
  • SPINNER is Germany-based provider of revolutionary and ultra efficient drive units for electric vehicles
  • VOLTCORE is a developer of powertrain system for multi-categories of electric vehicles

NOTE: Project Codenames are used for startups on the EXCELerate menu of qualified opportunities. More detailed information on each company can be found in our EXCELerate Dealbook, which can be obtained by emailing us at [email protected]

We would be happy to arrange an introduction to any of the companies in our pipeline.


We continue to play a very active role of keeping everyone informed of the developments in the global race to the Future of Mobility.

Since our last update, we contributed to numerous events, articles and media stories:

RELEASE DATE: January 4. 2024

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