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Arbe Unveils Chipset for Mass Production of Perception Radars

Arbe Robotics has announced the immediate availability of its production intent chipset tailored for mass manufacturing of perception radars. This breakthrough chipset, comprising three integral chips – transmitter, receiver, and processor, stands as the inaugural high-count channel array “massive MIMO” imaging radar solution in the market. It promises unprecedented performance and safety standards for the automotive sector.

“We’re thrilled to present the automotive industry with a groundbreaking radar chipset meticulously crafted to meet the evolving needs of Tier 1s and OEMs,” remarked Kobi Marenko, CEO at Arbe. “This represents a significant milestone as we spearhead a radar revolution. Our Perception Radar Chipset is poised to enable automakers to deliver hands-free driving that’s both safe and dependable.”

Arbe’s innovation disrupts radar technology by introducing an RF chipset capable of delivering exceptional performance with a staggering 2,304 virtual channels (48 receiving and 48 transmitting channels). This results in ultra-high-resolution imaging across extensive ranges and all four critical dimensions: azimuth, elevation, doppler, and range. The chipset also houses an industry-leading processor chip, empowering real-time processing of extensive raw data with unmatched computational prowess.

Manufactured utilizing cutting-edge 22 nm FD-SOI (Fully-Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator) technology, these chips offer superior power efficiency, top-tier performance for channel isolation, noise figure, and transmit power – all at the most competitive cost per channel available.

Arbe’s Perception Radar processor boasts a software-defined architecture, facilitating optimization for Tier 1s and OEMs. Additionally, it supports enhanced OEM algorithms and allows seamless over-the-air updates.

The production intent chipset is already operational in Arbe’s Tier 1 “B sample” radars, delivered to OEMs. These systems represent a pivotal phase in OEM selection, enabling thorough evaluation of production functionality and assisting OEM perception teams in data gathering for L2+ and L3 application optimizations.

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