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Automobility will Speak and Co-Sponsor Mobility Tech 9

Automobility will co-sponsor the Mobility Tech 9 workshop which will take place on November 29-30 in Bonny Doon, California.  The event is organized by our collaboration partner Doon Insights at Howard Chao’s ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains.

This year’s event features a robust, highly relevant program of five discussion panels including several top mobility VCs, OEMs, Tier Ones, aviation companies, technologists and others that have agreed to speak on 5 key subjects. Howard will do a fireside chat with Bill Russo on China. 

Featured discussion topics and speakers include:

Applying AI to Mobility

  • Evangelos Simoudis, Synapse Partners (Moderator)
  • Yemaya Bordain, Daedalean
  • Armando Pauker, Tensility Venture Partners
  • Vlad Voroninski, Helm

Opportunities for Mobility Tech in Latam

  • Michael Camuñez, Monarch Global Strategies (Moderator)
  • Enrique Zambrano, Proeza Ventures
  • Miguel Martinez, MXO Capital

Fireside Chat: Is the World ready for the EV and ICE Wave from China Inc?

  • Howard Chao, Doon Insights
  • Bill Russo, Automobility Ltd.

Building Buildings for Mobility

  • Clay Macfarlane, Fifth Wall (Moderator)
  • Joe Tenbusch, Magna
  • Ally Warson, UP Partners
  • Prescott Watson, RedBlue Capital

Building an Ecosystem for Next Generation Aviation

  • Andrew Harper, Sidley (Moderator)
  • Manal Habib, MightyFly
  • Raymond Zheng, Honda
  • Andrew Cummins, Archer

Investing in Space Tech

  • Jonathan Adamski, Citibank (Moderator)
  • Sara Jones, Honeywell
  • Leon Alkalai, Mandala Space Ventures
  • Yorichika Mihara, Mitsubishi Heavy

Bill will also introduce two of the startups from our EXCELerate portfolio: Addionics and E2 Mobility.

Click these links for additional news on these startups:

Other startups participating at Mobility Tech 9 include:

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