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Cipia and Chery Expand Collaboration to 18 Car Models

The automotive sector is experiencing a profound metamorphosis, propelled by the integration of AI and cutting-edge technologies. Cipia has taken a substantial step forward in this dynamic landscape with its recent announcement. By collaborating with industry giants such as Chery, Cipia is cementing its standing within the global automotive technology arena.

Cipia has recently made a significant announcement about expanding its partnership with Chery. This development involves the integration of Cipia’s Driver Monitoring System (DMS) into an additional 10 Chery car models, complementing the eight existing models already under collaboration. This expansion effectively more than doubles the number of Chery vehicles equipped with Cipia’s groundbreaking technology. Remarkably, Cipia has emphasized that this achievement extends its design wins to encompass 50 different vehicle models across eight distinct OEMs from the United States, Europe, and China.

The decision by automakers to deepen their ties with Cipia is not merely a strategic business move; it represents a clear statement. This alignment with Cipia signifies a shared dedication to ushering in a safer and more innovative future for transportation.

The global regulatory landscape is evolving to place greater emphasis on in-cabin and driver monitoring. Initiatives such as the Euro NCAP 2025 Roadmap, the European Parliament Mandate, China’s GB/T 41797-2022, and a U.S. Congressional bill aimed at preventing complacency and misuse of automation through driver monitoring all underscore the significance of advanced monitoring systems. These regulations, as observed in the United States and other jurisdictions, are not solely about ensuring safety today but are also laying the foundation for the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

Automobility Ltd is proud that its EXCELerate portfolio company Cipia has expanded its DMS technology with OEMs shows their unwavering commitment to safety and innovation, heralds an exciting era for transportation.

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