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AMP Recognized Among Most Promising Sustainability Startups

On Apr 25, Auto Motive Power (AMP), an innovative battery, charging and energy management solutions provider, was named by Business Insider among the 36 most promising sustainability startups in transportation. Insider received input from 12 prominent Venture Capital firms, all of whom have made significant investments in the space, for their choice of the most promising startups – including such VC firms as Khosla Ventures, The Engine, AP Ventures, and Energy Impact Partners.

Hundreds of sustainability startups are developing alternative fuel types, reimagining the EV charging infrastructure, creating a new energy supply chain, and devising new methods of battery-material mining and recycling. AMP is developing an innovative battery management system (BMS) that provides insight into the battery state of charge and overall battery health, along with data that can enable vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-home bi-directional smart charging capabilities.

The startup is led by CEO Anil Paryani – a Tesla veteran from who previously led Tesla’s BMS development. The AMP team is comprised of top talent from Rivian, General Motors, Daimler, and Medtronic. Michael Kearney, partner at the venture firm The Engine, said: “AMP’s proprietary hardware systems are smaller and lighter than today’s industry standard, which directly enables lower build costs per vehicle.”

Automobility Ltd is proud that its EXCELerate portfolio company Auto Motive Power has been recognized as one of the most promising sustainability startups by the world’s leading venture capital firms.

Anil Paryani, Auto Motive Power founder.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like further information on this startup or to learn more about other Auto & Mobility investment opportunities from our EXCELerate opportunity pipeline.



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