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Automobility and Ronin X Design Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Mobility Strategy and Human-Centered Design Services


Shanghai, China and Santa Monica, California

March 18, 2020

Automobility Limited and Ronin X Design announce a strategic partnership to provide future of mobility strategy and human-centered design services for their clients.  Together the two companies will offer an unparalleled service that utilizes real world insights, research and data to drive innovation in an industry that finds itself continuously disrupted by rapid innovation.  This partnership creates a bridge between the Chinese and American markets to drive innovation in the areas of strategy, user experience, technology scouting, funding, investment, interior prototyping, design thinking and service-centered design practices.

Bill Russo is the Founder and CEO of Automobility Ltd and a leading expert on the development of the automotive industry and the future of mobility with nearly 4 decades of experience in the auto, electronics and information technology industries.  “The automotive industry is experiencing a shift from the traditional industry retail hardware sales model, towards a future where profits are mainly derived from user-centric digital services.  Through this partnership, we can help our clients to deliver true purpose-built human-centric design solutions”, said Mr. Russo.

The Automobility – Ronin X Design collaboration provides a platform to serve mobility and technology clients in the world’s largest mobility markets.

Fede Ponce is the founder of Ronin X Design and brings 15 years of experience in entertainment and experiential design as well as automotive experience design.  “Nobody can predict the future, but what we can do is track macro and micro trends that help us understand emerging user’s needs. We cannot change the flow of the river, but like an experienced captain we can navigate its currents and find new and exciting opportunities for our clients. We utilize powerful insights to help us formulate educated constructs for new markets, services and experiences. All these new offerings require a brand-new design language that is functional, seamless and delightful. The intersection of data, art, technology and design will bring in a new era of human experiences in the mobility industry that will transcend hardware, effectively moving into a digital space. With this partnership we are more than ready to take on these challenges whilst bringing to life the previously unseen”, said Mr. Ponce.

Ronin X Design is an award-winning design studio focused on next generation experiences. Its designs have helped clients like: Nissan, Infiniti, Mercedes and BMW. RxD is the recipient of multiple awards including the Detroit Eyes on Award and the coveted CES Best of Show and the first company to put forward user’s well being and health issues at the forefront of human centered experiences as well as revolutionary design processes driven by sentience centered design principles.

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Fede Ponce | Founder – Los Angeles, CA USA | Email: [email protected]

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Automobility is a global strategy consulting and investment advisory firm that helps its clients create and profit from new mobility business models. The firm is deeply rooted in China with a global vision, capabilities and a broad resource network. The firm is led by industry veterans who commit to help their clients throughout the implementation process.

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Bill Russo | Founder & CEO – Shanghai, China | Email: [email protected]

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