Bill Russo Speaks at Pan Asia Forum on Smart Cities - Automobility
Creating the Future of Mobility
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Bill Russo Speaks at Pan Asia Forum on Smart Cities

Shanghai, China, October 23, 2018

Bill Russo delivers keynote speech at the Pan Asia Forum sponsored by Ohio State University’s Center for Automotive Research.











TOPIC:  Smart Mobility as a Core Enabler for Smart Cities

China is looking to Smart Cities as a sustainable path to urbanization, to avoid increasingly serious congestion and pollution problems, as well as enhance lifestyles for residents with interconnected technologies. Smart Mobility is the key enabler for a Smart City as it serves as the circulatory system for all vital services to the population.

Disruptive new entrants are entering the new game of smart mobility, and are driving innovative solutions by leveraging their vast base of connected users.  The traditional automotive value chain will be reshaped by growing on-demand and shared services, which play a critical role in the future smart mobility ecosystem.

The ultimate goal of smart mobility is to deliver more efficient people and goods movement, making movement of people and things smooth as the movement of bytes on the internet, through optimal form factors and packet switching network technology.

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