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On Oct 1,, an AI-enabled platform for weather forecasting, announced that they have been awarded a $19.3 million contract from the U.S. Air Force to support its planned constellation of approximately 32 weather satellites. The Air Force issued the contract for the company’s radar-equipped weather satellites through its AFVentures Strategic Funding Increase program, which is focused on large-scale, strategic capabilities in support of Department of Defense missions.

Boston-based (formerly ClimaCell) plans to provide weather and ocean observations, including detailed global coverage of precipitation as a service to government agencies around the world.  With its 32-satellite constellation, plans to gather data at an average rate of once per hour globally, which it will share with customers through its proprietary modeling suite, the Weather Intelligence Platform.

The startup has raised $185M since in 2016, and its investors include Stonecourt Capital, Highland Capital Parnters, Square Peg, Fontinalis Partners, MIT Startup Exchange, among others. does business with over 1000 customers across a range of use cases.

Automobility Ltd. is proud that its EXCELerate portfolio company will launch high-tech weather satellites in late 2022. The full constellation will provide 3D precipitation maps for mobility use cases heavily affected by weather patterns.  Mobility use cases include:

  • Predictive routing and ETA planning
  • Battery range estimation in advance and real-time
  • Road risk: Road alerts in advance of weather impact
  • Thermal comfort: Air quality alerts and health recommendations
  • Improve driver usage of in-car apps

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US inks $20 million deal to launch high-tech weather satellites in space -By Kristin Fisher, CNN



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