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Automobility Tech Deals – Quarterly Newsletter 1st Edition

1st Quarter 2022

Welcome to the premier edition of our Automobility Tech Deals newsletter!

Automobility’s EXCELerate Pipeline and Internet of Mobility Thesis

We have recently published the 33rd edition of our Automobility EXCELerate pipeline (click here to

access), featuring a curated list of global auto and mobility technology startups that fit our “Internet of

Mobility” thesis.

You can read more about our thesis using the following links:

The Rise of Smart Electric Vehicles and the Digital Internet of Mobility

How the Smart EV Powers the Transition to Smart Energy Management


The core of our thesis revolves around our view that digital disruption has created an entirely “new game”

dominated by large user-centric demand aggregators that view mobility and associated services as a

means to disintermediate the traditional hardware-centric “old game” of the automotive industry business


The core technologies that enable new revenue and profit opportunities lie in the 4 layers of the IoM

“stack” depicted above. Our portfolio companies offer what we believe to be very attractive opportunities

to profit from investing in the technologies.

This quarterly newsletter will feature the companies that are actively fundraising and aim to close rounds

in the next 3-6 months.


Intelligent Connectivity

Auto Motive Power

Auto Motive Power (AMP) is a developer of advanced electronics for electric vehicles. This Californiabased

startup offers solutions for a battery management systems (BMS), charging solutions, and

cloud-enabled OTA solutions for e-mobility applications. AMP has done business with some of the

largest EV manufacturers and e-mobility solutions providers in the world.

Funding round: AMP secured seed funding in 2021 and is currently raising $20-30M in Series A

Learn more under

Click here for AMP news


Karamba Security

Karamba Security is a provider of device security for IoT applications and offers to protect connected

devices like autonomous cars from cyber threats. The patented software of the Israeli startup detects

and prevents cyberattacks on automotive ECUs, industry 4.0 controllers, enterprise edge devices, and

IoT endpoints.

Funding round: Karamba Security recently closed their B+ round and are seeking to raise an additional

$30M in their C-round

Learn more under

Click here for Karamba Secirity news



With its AI-driven signal separation and noise reduction technology, Kardome enables a seamless

voice control experience in acoustically challenging environments. This Israel-based company uses

automatic speech recognition to identify the user and enhances the single person’s voice in order to

reduce any other background noise.

Funding round: Kardome has secured seed funding and is raising $10M in Series A round.

Learn more under



Skyroads (formerly known as D3 Technologies) is a provider of air mobility management solutions,

developing an open digital operating platform for urban air mobility traffic control. This platform of the

Germany-based startup is open to all service, vehicle and added value providers and offers a

complete solution for airspace owners. The platform features shared infrastructure management,

flight automation, and includes access of cargo, and passenger drones.

Funding round: Skyroads secured seed funding and is raising €13M~15M in Series A round.

Learn more under

Click here for Skyroads news


Hi Auto

Hi Auto is a provider of a speech-to-intention recognition platform to provide in-cabin intelligence for

automobiles. This Israel-based startup offers a speech enhancement technology that isolates speech

while eliminating all background noise, delivering voice recognition accuracy.

Funding round: Hi Auto secured seed funding and is now raising $25-30M in Series A.

Learn more under



Ottopia is a developer of a teleoperation platform that combines AI with remote humans to control

self-driving vehicles. With the platform of the Israel-based company, remote humans can take over

control of any type of vehicle and monitor fleets remotely, in a manner that is safe and secure.

Funding round: Ottopia continues to raise capital as part of its $25M Series A funding.

Learn more under

Click here for Ottopia news


Axon Pulse

Axon Pulse is a provider of an AI-based RF signal processing solution for defense and civil sectors.

This Israel-based startup presents a new radar perception paradigm for autonomous cars by use of

software-only AI and deep learning techniques. Its technology enables a new radar-based

classification capability by car, bus or truck, pedestrians, and motorcyclist and bicyclist.

Funding round: Axon Pulse secured seed funding and is now raising $15M in Series A.

Learn more under



Feelit is a provider of next-generation printed nanomaterial based sensing technology. It is an IoT

platform for the real-time remote sensing of changes in mechanical assets, using nanomaterialprinting

technology. The solution of the Israeli startup senses multiple structural parameters including

deformation, warping, wear and tear, internal or external pressure buildup, and internal or external

material flow.

Funding round: Feelit secured Series A funding and is launching a $6M Series B funding round.

Learn more under


About Automobility

Automobility Limited is a strategy and investment advisory firm helping its clients to create the future of

mobility. Mobility needs, previously satisfied through product “ownership”, are increasingly being served

through mobility services “usership” with profound implications not only for traditional businesses within

the value chain, but also for new entrants – as they compete to deliver services. Connected mobility,

which we define as “technology-enabled on-demand mobility services for moving people and goods from

point A to B”, has become a disruptive, paradigm-changing development in the automotive industry. It

requires a complete rethinking of the way to deliver value to the market. To succeed, companies must

expand their focus from the product (the automobile) to the utility derived from the product

(“automobility”) and create a business model and digital ecosystem optimized to provide digitally enabled

solutions for both car owners and mobility services users.

Please find below contact details for our offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tel Aviv or contact us at

Official Website:



Automobility Limited

Corporate Avenue One,

No.222 Hubin Road

Shanghai China 200021

Tel +86 139 1757 7148


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Automobility Limited

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