Bill Russo to speak on global Auto/Mobility transformation at the German Chamber - Automobility
Creating the Future of Mobility
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Bill Russo to speak on global Auto/Mobility transformation at the German Chamber

Shanghai, China, Wednesday, June 06, 2018 5:30 PM

Workshop Automotive: Automotive Transformation – E-Mobility

Venue: 上海环球港凯悦酒店,中国上海市普陀区宁夏路718号,8楼,沙龙厅4&5 | 8th floor, Salon 4+5, No. 718 Ningxia Road, Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor

Price: Member 250 RMB, Non-Member 400 RMB (To be paid at the venue by cash or credit card)

Automotive Transformation – E-Mobility

The automotive industry is going through a period of tremendous change. The rise of Chinese OEM’s, autonomous driving, E-mobility and connectivity are major disruptive forces. They influence each other, but each has its own characteristics. In our workshop on Wednesday, June 6th, we will put the focus on the E-Mobility disruption and China.

New technologies give new opportunities to new companies, at the same time it forces current leaders to change and transform. Nowhere is this more evident than in China. The Chinese government and Chinese companies are embracing this change and trying to build leading global positions. The established players are responding. At the same time not all the technology questions are settled, the electrification has its own problems, the fuel cell technology is continuing to be developed, and currently the conventional combustion engine still rules.
China, by market size and speed of innovation, is positioning itself as the catalyst to drive the transformation of the business model and technological underpinnings of the global auto industry.

We will discuss this topic with three industry leaders. Each will give a 20 minutes presentation, then we will have a 30 minutes discussion and Q&A session.

Bill Russo, Senior industry expert and CEO of Automobility Limited will give us an overview on the current state of the E-mobility transformation globally and in China.
Dr. Ye Guohong, Vice President and Head of E-Mobility Asia-Pacific at ZF, will show what this change means for a leading automotive supplier and how it responds to the challenges of the future.
Roger Looney, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and Electric Propulsion at Qoros will give the perspective of Qoros and how an OEM ensures its future in the changing environment.

About the Speakers :

Bill Russo is the Shanghai-based Founder and CEO of Automobility Limited, a strategy and investment advisory firm helping its clients to create the future of mobility. His over 35 years of experience includes 15 years as an automotive executive, including 14 years of experience in China and Asia. He has also worked nearly 12 years in the electronics and information technology industries. He has worked as an advisor and consultant for numerous multinational and local Chinese firms in the formulation and implementation of their global market and product strategies.

In his current role, Bill advises start-ups, corporations and investors on how to maximize their participation in China’s Automobility Revolution. In order to achieve success, he believes they must expand their focus from the product (the automobile) to the utility derived from the product (“automobility”), and create a business model and digital ecosystem optimized to provide digitally enabled solutions for both car owners and mobility services users.
Bill was previously the regional head of Chrysler in North East Asia, where he successfully negotiated agreements with partners and obtained required approvals from the China government to bring six new vehicle programs to the market in a three-year period, while concurrently establishing an infrastructure for local sourcing and sales distribution.

Mr. Russo has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in New York, and a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Mr. Russo is a highly sought after opinion leader on the development of the China market and the automotive industry.

Dr.Ye, born in Shanghai and studied in Germany at RWTH Aachen. After spending 14 years in Germany he returned back to Shanghai to develop the business for the German automotive company Mannesmann Sachs AG in China. Under his leadership many plants were established and various customer relationships have been developed. In 2002 ZF Friedrichshafen AG took over Mannesmann Sachs AG, together with this change, Dr.Ye also took over the Chief Representative position for ZF group in China. In 2005, Dr. Ye established the ZF China Investment holding together with its engineering center in Shanghai and served as the president. Starting from 2018, Dr. Ye leads the E-Mobility division of ZF in Asia Pacific.

Roger Looney holds over 30 Year’s experience in automotive tooling, engineering and design, and over 20 years’ experience in Asia. Current goals include utilizing that knowledge and experience to develop world class, exciting vehicles of the future. Specialties: Automotive Product Development and Launch, Mechatronics, Hybrid & EV development, Asia Mergers and Acquisitions, Six Sigma, Product Development, New Business Development in Asia, Mergers & Acquisitions in China, Korea, Japan.

Speaker: Mr. Bill Russo| Founder & CEO of Automobility Limited
Dr. Ye Guohong | Vice President and Head of E-Mobility Asia-Pacific at ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Mr. Roger Looney | VP of Vehicle Engineering & Electric Propulsion at Qoros Automotive Co. Ltd.
Moderator: Mr. Peter Bornschein | General Manager at IFS China    
Language:  English
Agenda: 05:30 PM – 6:00 PM Registration
06:00 PM – 7:00 PM Presentation
07:00 PM – 7:30 PM Q&A
07:30 PM – 8:00 PM Dinner & Networking

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