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Bevin Jacob Speaks on China’s Automobility Revolution at New Delhi Auto Summit

February 7, 2018, New Delhi, India

Presentation title:  China’s Auto Industry in the Age of Disruption

The world has entered a new era since 2008, with over half of the world population now living in cities, and this increasingly urbanized world challenges the established set of paradigms for personal and commercial transportation, especially in the densely populated urban centers in China. 

Following a decade of rapid growth that culminated in a stimulus-driven surge in demand in 2009-2010, China’s auto market sharply decelerated, with growth slipping to 2.5% in 2011 and 4.3% in 2012. This brief slowdown was followed by 14% growth in 2013, 7% in 2014, 4.6% in 2015 and 14% growth in 2016, reaching overall sales of 28m units.

In the future, we can expect to see even more intense competition among the foreign and domestic brand vehicle manufacturers as they attempt to adjust to this new pattern while maintaining profitability.

The unique context of China’s urban transportation challenge, the high rate of adoption of mobile device connectivity, combined with the rapid and aggressive introduction of alternative mobility and ownership concepts will compress the time needed to commercialise smart, connected car, autonomous technology and related services.

Automakers and their partners must understand and anticipate these developments and devise strategies to diversify profit streams and maximise profit opportunities.

To succeed, companies must expand their focus from the product (the automobile) to the utility derived from the product (“automobility”)

Three Stages of the Automobility Revolution

Bevin Jacob’s bio:

Bevin Jacob is the Shanghai-based Partner & Co-Founder at Automobility Ltd with 17 years of experience in Investment Advisory, Business Development, Product Management, Incubation & Engineering of Autonomous Transportation Systems and On-Demand Mobility Services for Car Sharing, Retail, Automotive Infotainment and Telematics business in Greater China, USA, S.Korea & India.

As Head of Business Development in APAC for Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems, he led a highly motivated and data driven team in Automobility Services and Auto Retail Biz. Created Biz Partnerships with Digital Ecosystem players who have launched eWallet, eLoyalty, Micro-Leasing, and Car-Sharing Services with highest “Usership” in China/APAC.

As Product Manager for Connected/Digital Products and Services, Released Connected Car/Mobility Services with Predictive Maintenance & Digital Access for Vehicle OEMs/ Dealers, Independent Retail Chains, and Mobility Service Operators. Launched “vAnalytics” product in China to personalize and transform Consumer Experience with Data Insights from Intelligent Autonomous Vehicle Systems.

As an ‘Internet of Vehicles’ enthusiast, he envisions to build and incorporate “Mobility Services” to improve Consumer’s Smart Lifestyle.

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